On Hillary: “How Can You Be This Bad At It??”

The amazing thing about the Nevada caucus result is that Hillary’s fairly narrow win in a state far way from Vermont is being touted by the mainstream media as a “huge win” for her. What? South Carolina is a huge win for Trump, because he swept all or nearly all of the delegates, which is what counts. Sanders will get almost as many delegates in Nevada as Hillary.

Plus, for the third straight contest, Democratic turnout is down. A lot. Meanwhile, Republican turnout so far is way up. Even Rachel Madcow on MSNBC acknowledged tonight that this is bad news for Democrats for November.

But the best sign that Hillary is awful is that even Stephen Colbert gets it, and isn’t afraid to say so, despite his liberal sympathies. Here he tees off on Hillary’s dreadful answer to Scott Pelley that she “tries” not to lie:

Even Nixon was better at this! When you’ve lost Colbert. . .


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