New email release brings final total of classified Clinton emails to 2,079

Today the State Department released the last batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server. Of the mails released today, 261 contain information deemed to be classified. Within this subset, 23 contain “secret information,” according to the Washington Times. (The numbers vary slightly from source to source.)

The 261 classified emails bring the final tally to 2,079. The total of “secret” emails stands at 45. 20 emails were previously deemed “top secret.” That total remains unchanged.

These numbers do not, of course, include emails deleted by Clinton, some of which may have contained classified, and even more sensitive, information. It is estimated that Clinton destroyed approximately 30,000 emails.

America Rising highlights what it considers to be the top eleven emails in the new batch. Of particular significance is an email, considered “secret,” that pertains to a North Korean nuclear launch. As America Rising says, “the fact that intelligence on North Korea was held on such a vulnerable server is particularly troubling given [North Korea’s] infamous history of high-profile hacks.”

Another email in this batch marked “secret” pertains to drone strikes in Pakistan that killed four “militants.” The substance of the email is redacted. It’s easy to see why such an email would be considered secret, and difficult to understand how Clinton could be oblivious to the problem of hosting the email on an unsecured system.

The amount of classified material on Clinton’s home brew server is staggering. So is the breadth of topics to which these emails pertain. This is a case of “something for everyone,” or at least something for virtually all of America’s enemies.


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