Scott Brown set to join Sarah Palin on Team Trump

I wasn’t a bit surprised when Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump. I am surprised that Scott Brown reportedly will endorse Trump tonight. Brown struck me as too sensible and responsible to jump on Trump’s bandwagon.

Palin and Brown can be viewed as occupying opposite ends of the GOP spectrum. The former is a rebellious, fire-breathing Western conservative; the latter, a moderate Northeastern Republican (though not without a blue-collar persona).

They nonetheless reflect the populist-moderate coalition that Trump hopes to put together. It’s an odd coalition, but not an unprecedented one. Ross Perot formed something like it in 1992.

The fact that Trump now has the endorsement of a prominent specimen from both factions suggests that his coalition is not an entirely implausible one. But keep in mind that both specimens are (barring a boost from President Trump) political has-beens. It would be more impressive if Trump obtained endorsements from populists and moderates who hold major office and thus remain accountable to voters.