The 3 am Call at the DNC Tonight

The most astonishing thing about the result in New Hampshire tonight is not Bernie Sanders’s large margin of victory, but the exit poll result that showed a third of Democratic voters chose “honesty and trustworthiness” as the main thing that determined their vote. Sanders won these voters by a margin of more than 9 – 1. Clinton is finished. I’ll bet even Bill knows this. The DNC has to be in a panic right now at this result. Except that DNC chair Debbie Wassermugglewiggle Schulz is in the bag for Hillary, so the party elders, whoever they are, will be ignored.

Sanders has taken a lot of heat for not attacking Hillary for her email scandal and serial lying. But he may be more cagey than we thought. He may have calculated that he doesn’t need to; the media will do it for him, and Hillary’s ineptitude in handling it will keep it alive without his help.

Meanwhile, the muddled result on the Republican side, with Trump the clear winner and a three-way bunch for a distant second place, means the field cannot avoid directly attacking Trump now. It’s a game theorist’s playground for the next two weeks.

Typical of Ted Cruz to be first out of the gate today with this:


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