The crying game

We still don’t know what really happened when the Iranians took two riverine Navy boats into their custody last month. We know that the boats were said to have been traveling from Bahrain to Kuwait when they lost their way, but some have their doubts about that. FOX News recalls the background here if you need a refresher.

We know that the Iranians humiliated the sailors by disseminating images of them on their knees on the order of their Iranian captors. We know that Secretary of State John Kerry announced that he had taken up the matter with his “counterpart” and good friend over at Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We know that Kerry announced: “I was furious about it, and I immediately contacted my counterpart and we indicated our disgust. It was very, very unfortunate, inappropriate. And as a former sailor, and member of the military, I was infuriated by it and I expressed that very directly to my counterpart.”

I think we can infer that the Iranians dig the alleged fury of John Kerry. I think we can infer that the Iranians hold President Obama and his administration in the utmost contempt. Social media users now report that the sailors’ capture was reenacted as part of celebrations marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution that ousted the U.S-backed Shah and the official Iranian news agency released new footage of one of the ten sailors it detained crying (video below).


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