The Spirit Of Dick Tuck Lives!

Dick Tuck is the legendary political prankster who, among other stunts, hired some pregnant black women to parade outside a Nixon rally in 1968 with signs bearing Nixon’s campaign slogan, “Nixon’s the one!”

Tuck is still alive (at least according to the internet, so it must be true) but retired from political pranking. Or is he? He seems just like the person who’d come out of retirement for Bernie. Take a close look at the t-shirt of the person standing behind Hillary’s left:

Settle for Hillary

If you can’t make it out, it says “Settle for Hillary.” Heh. Nicely done—the political prank of the campaign so far.

P.S. Tuck, a one time failed candidate, is credited with the famous saying, “The people have spoken. The bastards!” Maybe he can be a speechwriter for Trump.


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