The Week in Pictures: Debate Throwdown Edition

As the next three weeks spool out, remember that the RNC crafted a nomination process for this cycle intended to pick a nominee early, so that we wouldn’t go through the agony of 2012 when Romney took a long time to nail it down and took on a lot of damage along the way.  Oops.Jedi Trump

Marco spankingTrump's Bridge

One Jeb Left Behind

Trump Apes

Gollum Trump


Wait, what?

Wait, what?

Blocking Nominees

Progressive Obstruction

Scalia Funeral

Scalia iPhone

FBI iPhone


Queen Hillary

Bill C voting for Trump Darth Hillary

Baby smack Hillary Clintons Horror Story

Wind Powered Aircraft Carrier Ramirez 747

Barking Hillary

Hillary Lapdog media

Terrorist Better than Hillary

Bernie from the Grave Che Sanders

Bert & Earnie

Bernie BongsAliens to Leader


Liz Warren student loans

Economists in Hill

di Caprio escalate


Wait, what?

Wait, what?

Chill Target

Kirk Inappropriate

And finally. . . with a slight change in the format:

US Air Force Academy Rifle Team

US Air Force Academy Rifle Team


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