The Week in Pictures: Scalia Awesomeness Edition

The picture of the week—maybe the picture of the year—is the first one here, of Justice Scalia’s clerks lined up as an honor guard at the Supreme Court yesterday. Has any other Justice in the history of the Court received such devotion from his ranks of clerks? Maybe, but I’m not aware of it. Do you think Justice Breyer, or Justice Kagan, or Justice Kennedy, or anyone else on the Court today would inspire this kind of deep act of respect? (Yes—Clarence Thomas will some day, for the same reason.)

Now back to the election.

Scalia Clerks

Scalia the Original

Scalia Filling In

Scalia in Heaven

Schumer Hypocrisy

Trump Sanders 2 Trump Sanders

Worse than Waterboard trump Waterboards Cook

Eye Phone


Sec Strangelove- Final Hitlery In Hell Bernarie Hillary Road Slow Hillary Chase Hillary Helps Poor Barking Hillary Retool Hillary

Clinton Elderly Man

Bill C Hypocrite

Democratic Socialism Sanders Idiots Feel the Bern

Clinton Perot

Free College communism Venezuela socialism

Lizard President

Waiting for Trump

Free High School

Vatacan Wall Vatacan Wall 2

Cruz Short


Desperate Jeb GOP SNF

Beyonce Hypocrisy

Quit Drinking China Hiding Submarines Bacon Poems Signs a girl likes you Cows Pot

CNN on Meth

Ain’t this the truth.

Corn Ayn Rand

Carbon free sugar?

Carbon-free sugar? Do they think everyone is stupid, or do they only sell this to liberals?

Swordfish Penfish Darth Meth Balance Cowbell

Leering Statues

And finally, my security detail Monday in Boulder:

Hot Febo 20


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