A Neglected Issue

I somehow missed the Washington Post Wonkblog story two years ago about the mal-distribution of alcohol consumption in this country, but here’s the gist of it:

The top 10 percent of drinkers account for well over half of the alcohol consumed in any given year. On the other hand, people in the bottom three deciles don’t drink at all, and even the median consumption among those who do drink is just three beverages per week.

And here’s the chart:


As the story goes on to report:

In order to break into the top 10 percent of American drinkers, you would need to drink more than two bottles of wine with every dinner. And you’d still be below-average among those top 10 percenters.

First, I’m not doing nearly enough to keep my spot in the top 10 percent.

Second, what is Bernie Sanders going to do about this obvious inequality??

JOHN adds: This is one of those news stories that can’t possibly be true. I don’t believe that half the adult population consists of teetotalers. That certainly isn’t my experience. And, while there no doubt are people who average more than 10 drinks per day, that can’t possibly describe 10% of the population. Otherwise there would be a lot more car accidents and other forms of premature death, and a lot more absences from work and stays in rehab.