At Emory, Orwell 1984!

The sight of chalked messages proclaiming Trump 2016 around the Emory University campus has allegedly induced unbearable suffering among some 40 to 50 of the students. These students have brought their suffering to the attention of Emory President Wagner with the demand that he do something about it. I took a quick look at the doings on campus in “At Emory, a trail of Trump tears.”

Emory University Professor Harvey Klehr comments in “Emory’s administration panders to the forces of illiberalism.” The estimable Heather Mac Donald takes the doings as a teachable moment in “Hey, college ninnies — grow up!”

We are in the midst of a long silly season on campus, but the silliness signifies. It signifies the ascendance of the left as a tyrannical force and college administration as its functional ally. The Emory scene therefore deserves the attention of eminent observers such as Professor Klehr and Ms. Mac Donald. My own recommendation is that literate and liberty loving students with a sly sense of humor chalk a subversive response to the protestors. Something like Jefferson 1800! or Orwell 1984!