Bill Clinton Unplugged

We know the Clintons privately despise Barack Obama, because he blocked Hillary’s path to the White House in 2008. Obama made her secretary of state for the old Machiavellian reason that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Hillary might have challenged him for the 2012 Democratic nomination if he had been in trouble, which he was of course, but as the first black president no ordinary Democrat dared to take him on. She was the only person who could have conceivably done so. But not from a cabinet position.

Yesterday, the Big Dog who is looking and sounding more like an old dog on the back porch growling at squirrels he’s no longer able to chase, let slip the objective reality of things: the “awful legacy of the last eight years.” And just who has been president during this awful time? People should relentlessly hound Hillary about her hound-dog husband’s “gaffe,” which, remember, is defined in Washington as when someone inadvertently tells the truth.


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