Che chic, Obama edition

President Obama is proud of his visit to Cuba this week. He’s enjoying himself immensely. I bet he even enjoyed the group photo that captured him standing in front of a mural of Che Guevara in Havana this morning (below).

As Jay Nordlinger has never tired of reminding the ignorant, this was Che:

He was an Argentinian revolutionary who served as Castro’s primary thug. He was especially infamous for presiding over summary executions at La Cabana, the fortress that was his abattoir. He liked to administer the coup de grace, the bullet to the back of the neck. And he loved to parade people past El Paredon, the reddened wall against which so many innocents were killed. Furthermore, he established the labor-camp system in which countless citizens–dissidents, democrats, artists, homosexuals–would suffer and die. This is the Cuban gulag. A Cuban-American writer, Humberto Fontova, described Guevara as “a combination of Beria and Himmler.” Anthony Daniels once quipped, “The difference between [Guevara] and Pol Pot was that [the former] never studied in Paris.”

Whatever else might be said, Obama doesn’t need Jay’s reminder. Ignorance is not the explanation. Obama knows what he’s doing. He’s proud of it.

As for me, I’ll go with what the man says: “I’m old enough to remember when US presidents opposed Communism.”

Via Shoshanna Weissman/Weekly Standard.