Does Hillary Clinton Stand for Anything?

Well if John can ask about Trump, why not ask the same question about Hillary. And the answer is: Yes—she believes in advancing Hillary Clinton. I’m sure deep down inside she’s still the Alinsky-loving leftist she was as a college student, but like her priapic husband she cares most about her own power and status, which means she’ll “triangulate” any way she has to in order to maintain political support and popularity. (Unlike Obama, who is willing to risk being unpopular to advance his cause.) A few leftists understand this, as someone named Russ Belville explains at the Puffington Host

After listing 25 supposedly Republican positions that Hillary has backed, Belville says:

Why would we vote for Hillary Clinton, the Rockefeller Republican who exemplifies every one of those 25 statements?

If Donald Trump wins the presidency over Hillary Clinton, it’s not the fault of people like me who won’t vote for Republicans. It’s the fault of the Democratic Party for nominating a Republican. For me, the horror of a four-year Trump term is less frightening than cementing in the Far Right / Center Right corporate duopoly in American politics created since Hillary’s husband sold out Democratic principles on welfarecrime, racelabor, tradedrugs, and media. . .

But since Bill Clinton came up with his “Third Way”, our politics have become the party of Wall Street and Tech vs. the party of Wall Street and Oil. Bill Clinton’s “the end of big government as we know it” and “3 strikes and you’re out” policies drove a stake through any semblance of the Democratic Party representing the needs of the poor and voiceless. . .

Hillary Clinton is to the right of Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon, for gawdsakes!

To the extent that there is some truth to this hall-of-mirrors account of the world, it does mean that Hillary and Trump could run from the opposite side of each other. Trump could point out to union households and minorities that it was Clintons who supported NAFTA, de-regulating banks, cutting welfare, cutting the capital gains tax, making Fannie Mae a hotbed of cronyism, tough sentencing laws that hurt minorities, etc. Hillary presents a target rich environment for a demagogue like Trump. (And that’s before he gets started on putting Bill-the-Rapist back in charge of White House interns.)

Belville thinks it would be better to elect Trump instead, because Elizabeth Warren!

Remember the tale of frogs in the pot of water? You turn the heat up slowly and they’ll boil to death, but put them in an already boiling pot and they’ll hop out. Donald Trump is the boiling pot and Hillary Clinton is the slow heat. A President Trump in 2016 equals a President Warren in 2020. A President Clinton in 2016 equals a re-elected Clinton in 2020 and the next milquetoast Obama-like speechifier in 2024 who abandons all his talk the minute he’s inaugurated…

I’m sure there’s a 12-step program we can find for Mr. Belville, but for the moment this is fun to contemplate. It’s not just the Right that is having a nervous breakdown at the moment.


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