Follow Tonight’s Debate on Power Line Live

Another GOP presidential debate will take place tonight, sponsored by Fox News. So you can see Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump go at it again. And possibly something will happen that shakes up the race. Double your viewing pleasure by participating in Power Line Live, where you can comment on the action along with hundreds of fellow conservatives. Whatever your mood, triumphant or depressed, others there will match it.

Some of the PL gang may be there tonight, but I won’t be. I am taking a break from the presidential contest, for tonight, anyway. Do you realize that there are still eight months to go before the election? I think we need to pace ourselves! It’s time to stop speculating about how Mitt Romney’s entry as an independent candidate might affect the race, and start re-reading Middlemarch, or something of that sort. Just to preserve one’s sanity through November.


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