Green Weenie of the Century: The Rockefellers

It’s still very early in the 21st century, but Power Line is ready to bestow its coveted Green Weenie Award for the whole century right now to the Rockefeller family, on account of the announcement yesterday that the Rockefeller Family Fund will divest itself entirely of all of its ExxonMobil stock.

Power Line thinks ridding themselves of the very company from which the entire family’s fortune originated more than a century ago is the least the Rockefellers can do. Since John D. Rockefeller was the original robber baron climate criminal, every Rockefeller should immediately disgorge all of their assets and redistribute them to the victims of climate change everywhere. I’m sure Kenneth Feinberg is available to organize the redistribution.

Reuters reports:

In a letter posted on its website, the fund said Exxon’s conduct on climate issues appears to be “morally reprehensible.”

Nowhere near as “morally reprehensible” as continuing to live off the assets piled up on all the greenhouse gasses in the air generated by Rockefeller-founded enterprises. If it is “morally reprehensible” to continue to make petroleum products, it is equally reprehensible to keep the gains from that same enterprise in the past. Time for the Rockefellers to cough up climate reparations!


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