In Lieu of a Podcast

The Power Line Show podcast has been on hiatus the last few weeks owing to a number of circumstances, the chief one being that our terrific podcast producer, Paul Porter, ran off and joined the French Foreign Legion. (Actually it was the North Carolina Air National Guard, but French Foreign Legion sounds more exotic.) We’ve got a new producer lined up, but then John absconded to Australia to scout out exile locations for all of us during the Sanders Administration, and I’ve been on the road almost nonstop. But we’ll get it back up and running soon.

Like today, back in Washington again to guest host the Bill Bennett radio show. In case you weren’t near a radio during the 6 am hour eastern time, here’s my 12-minute segment in with Henry Olsen, who handicaps the state of the GOP race, and offers some observations I haven’t heard from any other political analyst.

And if you have a little more time and curiosity, here’s Henry’s full interview last week with Marvin Olasky at Patrick Henry College, where he really breaks things down: