Judging the “Minnesota men” (with media alert)

The current issue of the Weekly Standard carries my article “Judging the ‘Minnesota men.'” It’s a companion to my earlier article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men.'” In the new article, I take a close look at the case of Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, who pleaded guilty to one charge of supporting ISIS in federal court in Minneapolis last month. Judge Michael Davis has now created an experimental “de-radicalization” program under which Warsame is to be sentenced. The article quotes Andy McCarthy commenting on the program at some length.

Working on the article, I read transcripts of Warsame’s pretrial/detention hearing from this past December and his plea hearing in February. I have been following Warsame’s case closely, but I found some things that surprised even me. I think it’s an interesting and illuminating case. If you haven’t yet checked out the article, I hope you will.

Bill Bennett and producer Chris Beach have invited me to discuss the article tomorrow morning on Bill’s Morning in America show during the 7:30 a.m. (Eastern) segment. I think you can access the show via Bill’s Morning in America site. Please listen in if you can.


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