Kersten’s discipline

In today’s Star Tribune, my friend Kathy Kersten provides a local St. Paul angle to the politically inspired war on standards that Paul Mirengoff has been writing about over the past several years on Power Line. Kathy’s lead op-ed column will make heads explode all over Minnesota: “The school safety debate: Mollycoddle no more.” There is a relentless quality to Kathy’s analysis that extends from St. Paul Central High School to the White House. Kathy performs a feat in this column, violating just about all the rules of political correctness in one go. Please check it out.

Kathy is something like a one-person think tank. John Hinderaker would want me to note, however, that Kathy is a senior fellow at the think tank he heads, Minneapolis’s Center of the American Experiment, and is a key member of the team that means to save Minnesota.