Lying as fast as she can

Hillary Clinton was lying as fast as she can at the debate moderated by Jorge Ramos and others in Miami last night. Jointly hosted by Univision and the Washington Post, this is to be the Dems’ final debate. The Economist has a good account of the proceedings in “Bernie Sanders and Univision force Hillary Clinton to the left.”

Ramos confronted Clinton with video of Patrica Smith saying that Clinton lied to her about the attack in Benghazi leading to the death of Sean Smith, her son. Ramos prefaced the video by commenting on the fact that the email that Clinton sent to her daughter was about the video.

”On the night of the attacks in Benghazi, you sent an email to your daughter, Chelsea, saying the Al-Qaeda […] group was responsible for the killing of the Americans. However, some of the families claim that you lied to them,” he said.

The video of Patricia Smith, mother of victim Sean Smith, was then showed to the audience. She said, “Hillary and Obama … and Biden … all told me it was a video when they knew, they knew, it was not the video and they said that they would call me and let me know what the outcome was.” Ramos asked her if she lied to them.

Well, of course she did.

Clinton told the audience she feels “a great deal of sympathy for the families” of the victims and she “can’t imagine the grief that she has for losing her son.” But “she [Patricia Smith] was absolutely wrong.” The implication was that Smith was crazed by grief. However, the three other families who lost a loved one in the Benghazi attack have confirmed the story that Clinton blamed the video “Innocence of Muslims” during at the memorial service held on September 14, 2012, in the immediate aftermath of the attack. (More here, for example.)

Clinton was obviously lying then as she is obviously lying now, in her trademark style.

Via Chandler Gill/Washington Free Beacon.