McKibben Gets One Right!

McKibben 2 copyMultiple Power Line Green Weenie Award winner Bill McKibben, who puts the “fan” in “fanatic,” is out with a new article attacking the Obama Administration for tolerating fracking. But it’s the cover note from his publicist that is giving me a smile this morning, which reveals the real culprit in this story:

Bill looks at the latest studies on methane coming out of Harvard and concludes that greenhouse gas emissions may have actually gone up during the Obama administration because of the natural gas boom. [Emphasis added.]

Well yes, since methane is one of Harvard’s leading products I can imagine that the EPA has underestimated Harvard’s contribution to global warming. My one quibble is whether the methane coming out of Harvard should be considered “natural” gas. In any case, the EPA should crack down on Cambridge immediately.

We’ll get Harvard’s Green Weenie Award in the mail today.


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