Occupy Tony Cheng’s restaurant

Sen. Orrin Hatch spoke today at the monthly luncheon of the Washington Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society in Chinatown. I had wanted to attend, but couldn’t due to illness.

According to a report from a reliable source, Sen. Hatch’s address was interrupted when about half a dozen youngsters jumped up and began yelling “Do your job.” They waved yellow placards expressing the view that “doing your job” means confirming a new Supreme Court Justice nominated by President Obama.

After a while, the rest of the gathering shouted them down. Doug Cox, the unflappable president of the chapter, expressed his appreciation for the $20 per head contribution of the protesters.

Senator Hatch also handled the situation with aplomb. He can be seen here autographing one of the “Fill the Supreme Court vacancy” placards.

I suppose we can look forward to outbursts like these spicing up the D.C. landscape for the rest of the year, as the infantile left attempts, however feebly, to give a new meaning to the old slogan “No Justice, no peace.”