Poll: Cruz has surged past Trump in Wisconsin

A poll by Marquette Law School finds Ted Cruz well ahead of Donald Trump in Wisconsin’s Republican primary among likely voters. According to the poll, Cruz is at 39.6 percent; Trump at 30.4 percent; and John Kasich at 21.4 percent.

The survey was conducted before Scott Walker endorsed Ted Cruz.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton 49.2 to 44.9. And in the Senate race, Russ Feingold has a 3 point lead over incumbent Ron Johnson (again, among likely voters).

For the general election, Clinton outpolls Trump by 11 points in this survey of Wisconsin. She runs even against Cruz. Kasich defeats her by 9 points.

Is the Trump bubble finally beginning to burst? Is so, it’s bursting just in the nick of time.