Quo Vadis? Whodat???

Tom Blumer notes that the AP caught up with one “Quo Vadis” in its story on the Trump rally shutdown in Chicago yesterday. Mr. Vadis, to borrow the New York Times naming convention, seems to have had a hand in planning the shutdown. Quo Vadis? Whodat??? Blumer brings an educated eye to his investigation:

It seems quite likely that the person who was quoted is really Quovadis Green, a Chicago activist who was involved in Black Lives Matter protests in Chicago’s Michigan Avenue shopping district during last year’s Black Friday Christmas shopping weekend.

Green has a LinkedIn page which “just so happens” to note being involved in “Artist Management, Concert Promoting, Event Planning, Tour Consulting, and … (wait for it) look… Crowd Management.”

Blumer speculates that the AP reporter knows the identity of Mr. Vadis and is copacetic with tacitly concealing it. Blumer’s look at the AP story is posted here.

NOTE: I should probably explain that when John Updike’s fictional alter ego Henry Bech wins the Nobel Prize for Literature in the story “Bech and the Bounty of Sweden,” Updike dreams up the New York Daily News headline for the occasion: “Bech? Whodat???”


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