Saturday Caucus Results: Cruzing to Victory? (Updated Periodically)

The caucuses have concluded in Kansas (2 pm local time) and the votes are starting to come in. Cruz has an early large lead, and given his campaign’s emphasis on organizing in caucus states I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win big there.

There’s one report in Twitter that someone has called it for Cruz already, but I can’t seem to confirm this elsewhere. Here’s one local news link that supposedly will update the Kansas numbers.

UPDATE 1: Here’s a good link to results from all the five caucus states today. (H/T James Dill.) Looks like Cruz nailed Kansas.  With a quarter of the vote in up in Maine, Cruz is leading.

UPDATE 2: Cruz has won in Maine. Not exactly Cruz country. This suggests to me that he’s starting to take hold with voters beyond just the movement conservative core. Maybe we’ll have some exit polls on this.

Meanwhile, early results from Kentucky are close..

UPDATE 3: We had a cache glitch with this post that kept the updates from posting, and we had to reset it, but it appears that everyone’s comments got lost. Very sorry!


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