The Week in Pictures: March Madness Edition

Yes, my brackets were busted a long time ago. Except everyone keeps calling them “lanes.”  A Cinderella force has taken down the favorites. Oh, you thought I was talking about college basketball? Nope: the GOP presidential primaries are the real March Madness this year. And instead of candidates staying in “lanes”—the pundit/analyst class concept of this cycle—it’s been more like a demolition derby crashed by a monster truck going the wrong way. Look out Grave Digger! Here comes Monster Trump!

Trump Rock copy Future Trump? copy

Trump Hands copy

Pink Flloyd will pay

Forrest Trump

Lincoln No Trump

Trump RINO

Reagan Nixon

Cruz Ribbit

Pre-Shredded Cheese

Harry Reid liar

Liberal Latinophobes

Berning Man Bernie Sign

No Lose Libya copy


Crime Baltimore

Conservatives and Guns


Scotch Monoxide

Irish Yoga

Trudeau copy

Govt Help copy

Storm Trooper Arrest


Come to University

Coffee Dog copy

Only one Barney

And finally. . . from the IDF files:

Hot UDF 5 copy



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