The Week in Pictures: Michael Ramirez Edition

Last night down in Newport Beach I ran into Power Line’s favorite political cartoonist, the incomparable Michael Ramirez. I was actually a little embarrassed that I didn’t have many of his latest in this week’s photo lineup, and after confessing that I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler, he allowed that, “At this point [with Obama], I’m just doing stenography.” Goooood point! My next idea is doing a podcast with him; somehow we’ll need to figure out how to do a video podcast where he can show us how he does his cartoons. And oh yeah, Jonah Goldberg was very funny, too.


Michael Ramirez and some other guy.


Hillary Lies Hillary's servers FBI Chase

Hillary iPhone Clinton Loyalty

Hitlery's baggage

Dr Kangaroo Hillary for Prosecution

Wall We'd Pat for

Bernie Michigan

Worthless Degrees Zombie Democrats


Jabba the Trump

Sauron for Trump Trumpanon

Which First Lady

Romney Plan

Ted Zepplin

Teddy Van Halen

Closed Borders

Reagan Jellly Beans


So alligators have learned to make signs. . .

Irish_Walks_Out Monopoly

Vegan Parents

Everyone is Hitler No Dogs Allows Which Ghostbusters Autocorrect Warp DriveAnd finally. . . a potential First Lady of the United States who might not need Secret Service protection?

Mrs. Trump w-gun


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