Thoughts from the ammo line

We are sad to note the passing of Ammo Grrrl’s mother this week, Ammo Grrrll is taking the week off. She asks that her readers and fans keep her in their thoughts and prayers. I asked if she would let us remember her mother by name. She responded:

We were blessed to have her for 94 years and 50 weeks. She would have been 95 on March 24. She died peacefully in her sleep after a day of shopping and setting up a lunch date with friends.

My mother’s name was Dorothy Terry Baumbach, born in 1921, raised in Astoria, South Dakota, along with John Hinderaker’s father’s family, married to James Baumbach for 71 years, resident of Alexandria, Minnesota, from 1952 to the morning of March 9, 2016.

She was a pip, Scott, and hilariously funny. And a lifelong, hardcore Republican. We will miss her vote in November. Maybe, Chicago style, her death will be no impediment to her voting.

There is a hole in my world that will never be filled.


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