Against BS, in 100 words

The site of Entrepreneur magazine invited brief lambastings of the candidates by Nick Gillespie (Bernie Sanders), Ann Coulter (Ted Cruz), S.E. Cupp (Donald Trump) and Marc Lamont Hill (Hillary Clinton). Taken all together, the symposium is fair and balanced! (I’d like to make the case against Marc Lamont Hill, but I’ll save it for another day.)

The symposium is posted here; Gillespie has posted his own contribution here. Here is Gillespie’s case against Sanders, limited to around 100 words:

When he is not delusional, he is simply hypocritical. More than any other candidate, he’s attacked Uber, one of the great American success stories in recent years, as having “serious problems” because it undermines taxicab cartels. Yet according to the National Journal, his campaign uses the service 100 percent of the time when it needs rides. The one thing Sanders does want to cut spending on? Elections, naturally, because he pays for his campaigns out of his own pocket. He believes in publicly funded elections. Meaning that you’d be forced to support him (and Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton!) even if you didn’t want to. But don’t worry, because here, too, the Vermonter is full of Ben & Jerry’s: Sanders opted out of public funds in 2016 because “it just doesn’t work.” A government solution that “just doesn’t work”? Sure, let’s have more of that.

Gillespie omits highlighting Sanders’s delusions in favor of his hypocrisies, but his hypocrisies imply his delusions, so this is an excellent contribution within the limits of the symposium. Sanders’s delusions, however, also result in tyranny, but that would take a book or two to get at.

Via Glenn Reynolds/InstaPundit.


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