Back to Your Safe Spaces, WHM Is Ending!

Today is the last day of Whiteness History Month up at Portland Community College, though it is not clear whether the social justice set at PCC want the world to know about it or not. Yesterday a person attempted to videotape a session on feminist theory, and as you can see at the beginning of this six minute video, one of the instructors encourages people in the audience to physically obstruct the person’s video.

Now, never mind the charming people who turn up on the video: if you’re preaching about justice, why wouldn’t you want more people to see and hear you? This takes gnosticism a bit too far I think.

More here from The College Fix.

Meanwhile, Michael Bloomberg gave the commencement address today at the University of Michigan, and along the way criticized “safe spaces” and “microaggressions,” to the audible boos from some of the students in the audience, though it does rather sound like more students approved than disapproved:

Safe Space Kids copy


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