Climate Change Hits the Snooze Button

One reason I’ve been writing much less about the climatistas here lately is that the subject has become such a crashing bore. Don’t take my word for it—just ask the lefty Media Mutters for America, the site David Brock curates to whine on Hillary’s behalf.

Media Mutters has a new study out bemoaning that the major TV network news broadcasts are losing interest in climate change, despite the UN Paris hootenanny back in December and the official Hottest Year Evah in 2015. These should be good times for the climatistas with the lapdog media. But no:

Network news coverage of climate change dropped, on average, in 2015

Despite such major stories as President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, the Paris climate agreement and the Pope’s encyclical on climate change, on average NBC, CBS and ABC all devoted fewer minutes of coverage to global warming, according to Media Matters for America, which has been monitoring climate coverage since 2009.

The total amount of coverage on the nightly news and the Sunday talk shows dropped five percent in 2015, says Andrew Seifter, climate and energy program director for Media Matters and a co-author of the study. This is surprising, Seifter says, given that “by any measure, we could say that 2015 was the most newsworthy year for climate change in history.”

And yet, the major media greeted it with a great big yawn. The fun part is that one news network greatly increased the time they devoted to climate change: Fox News. Oh no!

FOX was the one network that significantly increased its coverage. It actually doubled it, Seifter says. But that wasn’t necessarily a good thing for people concerned about climate change, he notes. “The vast majority of that coverage included attacks on climate policies, or climate science denial,” he explains. “So, people who watch Fox for their climate coverage got more of it, but they didn’t necessarily learn more from watching it.”

Here’s the chart:

Climte Coverage copy

Heh. No wonder the desperate climatistas are going full Spanish Inquisition and want climate skeptics jailed.