Democratic Party Meltdown

My goodness, while everyone is looking at the Donald Trump circus in the GOP, are we taking in the unraveling of the Democrats?

First up, Chris Matthews takes his horse’s ass act to former Wisconsin Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton on who will pay for all this “free” college Bernie (and also Hillary) wants. The result is not pretty:

But the big story of today is the Big Dog himself, Billy Clinton, going all Sister Souljah on  Black Lives Matter protesters who interrupted his speech. This is going to leave a mark—on Hillary.  And I suggest every GOP office holder make a point of quoting Bill Clinton incessantly about BLM. This is why he won two elections in the 1990s. (Video is less than 1 minute.)

More! Here Clinton says “a lot of things are coming apart around the world now.” And just who’s been in charge of this? And who was secretary of state for much of this chaos?

It’s almost as though he doesn’t really want Hillary to win.