Giuliani says he’ll vote for Trump

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani intends to vote for Donald Trump, he said today in an interview. Giuliani isn’t formally endorsing Trump, though. He will be a delegate to the Republican convention and believes he will have more sway on the floor if he hasn’t endorsed anyone.


It’s natural that Giuliani supports Trump. Cruz is far to the right of Giuliani. Moreover, the ex-mayor says he didn’t take kindly to Cruz’s attack on “New York values.”

I don’t blame him.

Giuliani isn’t far away ideologically from John Kasich. However, he doesn’t see the Ohio governor as a bona fide contender. This is a race between Trump and Cruz. Giuliani, reasonably from his perspective, favors Trump.

He also considers Trump a friend. “The man that I know is not the man you see on television,” Giuliani insists. “He’s a gentleman, he’s a good father.”

A gentleman, Trump is not. But one can understand his affinity with Giuliani. The ex-mayor was a bully during his days as a federal prosecutor and no great respecter of individual rights as mayor. He was good at both jobs, but had some Trumpian tendencies (unlike the tycoon, however, Giuliani had command of the issues).

Will Giuliani’s non-endorsement endorsement help Trump? I think so. Could it boost Trump past the magic 50 percent mark statewide or in a few congressional districts? Possibly. (The views of those who know New York politics are welcome on this subject).

Even if Trump wins all of New York’s 95 delegates, he still will be a little bit off pace in terms of getting, via caucuses and primaries, to 1,237 — the number of delegates he needs to be nominated. But if Trump wins all 95 or loses only a few, it will change yet again the way people are talking about the Republican race.


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