Hillary Blows a Gasket

The stories of Hillary Clinton’s foul-mouthed bad temper in private are legendary, and have been widely reported. Yesterday on the campaign trail, she blew a gasket at a Greenpeace provocateur who asked Hillary about “fossil fuel” donations while Hillary was working the rope line. She says she is “sick of the attacks from the Sanders campaign.” Just 18 seconds long:

Two observations: I would think when you work a rope line shaking hands, you should just smile and move on rather than lash out at some nobody.

Second, “sick of attacks from the Sanders campaign”? It’s like she’s never been through politics before.  I think her frustration that Democrats don’t want to simply crown her, Because Hillary, is starting to get to her.

And I think it’s about time we re-run our “Grimacing Hillary” gallery:

Hillary Wow copy Hillary Open Mouth copy Hillary Mouth copy Hillary Grimace copy Hillary Grimace 8 copy Hillary Grimace 7 copy Hillary Grimace 6 copy Hillary Grimace 5 copy Hillary Grimace 3 copy Hillary Grimace 2 copy Hillary Dodging copy Hillary copy


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