Hollywood Schemes to Drive America to the Left

We have written a number of times about the Democracy Alliance, the Left’s largest “dark money” group, starting with this post. Now Politico reports that the agenda for the Alliance’s latest meeting, in Santa Monica, has come to light:

An agenda obtained by POLITICO shows that the four-day gathering, which is closed to the press, features at least two sessions focused partly on harnessing the power of Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a tool in the culture wars.

A Tuesday night dinner will feature a discussion “with Hollywood actors and directors on how Hollywood has been used to promote progressive ideals, and how it can be utilized more effectively in the future,” according to the agenda.

We always knew this was going on, but I’d never realized that they actually have meetings with agendas about how Hollywood can help the Democratic Party. The “Hollywood actors and directors” are not identified in the document obtained by Politico, but it would certainly be an interesting list.

The oddest thing about the DA agenda is the prominence given to an obscure internet video producer called Brave New Films, which we wrote about at length back in 2011. Brave New Films is run by Robert Greenwald, a former Hollywood director best known for making the bomb Xanadu:

On Wednesday, interested donors will be taken to the headquarters of a non-profit production studio called Brave New Films for a discussion with actor Martin Sheen about “why this is an important moment for advocacy in media.” …

The Democracy Alliance agenda, though, suggests that Brave New Films is uniquely positioned to address the issues raised by the movement.

“Brave New Films has long been a leader in diversity in their social justice media and this year started a Diversity Fellowship program with the help of the Atlantic Foundation,” says the agenda, referring to a $2.5 million grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies.

The Left is awash in money, so that even a lame operation like Brave New Films can rake in millions. But the in-kind contributions by Hollywood films and television programs are no doubt far more valuable. It is nice to see that Hollywood liberals are being open about their effort to drive American culture to the left.