Koch Brothers Launch “Operation Chaos” [Updated]

Remember Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos,” his initiative in 2008 to encourage people to vote for Hillary Clinton in the late primaries just to mess with Barack Obama’s march to the nomination? Well, it looks like the Koch brothers have decided to imitate the idea.

I’m loving this story for all of the angst this will cause on the Left:

Charles Koch: ‘It’s possible’ Clinton is preferable to a Republican for president

Billionaire businessman Charles Koch said Sunday that “it’s possible” another Clinton in the White House could be better than having a Republican president.

Koch, the CEO of Koch Industries, made the comment to ABC News’ Jonathan Karl during an interview that aired on ABC’s “This Week.”

The comment came after Karl asked about Bill Clinton’s presidency. Koch said Clinton was “in some ways” better than George W. Bush. “As far as the growth of government, the increase in spending, it was 2½ times under Bush that it was under Clinton,” he said.

I imagine the Sanders campaign will waste no time in exploiting this.

Here’s the complete ABC News interview:

UPDATE: Hillary gets it—

Hillary Tweet copy


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