Liberal Policies Destroy Small Business

In my new capacity as President of Minnesota’s think tank, I am paying close attention to the state’s economy. Historically strong and diverse, our economy has been badly weakened by decades of mostly-left-wing governance. Small business has been especially hurt, which is one reason why in 2014, families with household incomes of nearly a billion dollars on net left Minnesota for lower-tax states.

An outfit called Thumbtack conducted a nationwide survey of small businesses last fall. Several hundred Minnesota businesses participated. The results would be shocking, I suppose, to anyone who thinks high taxes and onerous regulations create a favorable business climate.

We made this 30-second video to illustrate the point. It is the second in our “Minnesota Can Do Better” series:

If you missed the first one, starring Paul Bunyan, here it is:

Our mission is to explain to Minnesotans–gently–that the liberal policies they have been voting for are crippling our state’s economic growth. It’s time for a change!


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