Not funny

Liberty Maniacs is a Minnesota company that features politically inspired apparel and merchandise. I may have to take a road trip and meet up with the principals. They seem to have a good thing going.

I love the Trump t-shirt that takes off on Milton Glaser’s classic portrait of Bob Dylan with psychedelic hair. I think I have to have one of these before they become a collector’s item.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.09.45 AM

Liberty Maniacs is in the news because it has been threatened by the Sanders campaign for retailing the t-shirt below. That’s not funny! This is art. It entertains while it instructs. The company tells the story of the litigation threat here. At Reason’s Hit & Run blog, Anthony Fisher adds color and context in “Bernie Sanders’ campaign lawyers do not appreciate your ‘Bernie is my comrade t-shirt.”


In the utopia advanced by the Democrats, inappropriate laughter will be forbidden and this kind of thing will be illegal even after their destruction of history has rendered it incomprehensible.


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