Republican Riots, and Other Oxymorons

I have to admit to being amused at the prospect, touted both by Donald Trump and his Wormtongue, Roger Stone, that there will be riots in Cleveland if the nomination is “stolen” from Trump. First of all, try to picture a “Republican riot.” Do Republicans even know how to riot? My image of a Republican riot is filling out strongly-worded comment cards for the membership club suggestion box. Republicans are folks who call the electrician with one hand while stirring the martinis with the other when a light bulb needs changing. “Republican riot” makes about as little sense as “Democratic economic literacy” or “Hillary’s truthfulness.”

Stone Nixon tattoo copyAnd Roger Stone? This is the fellow who has a Nixon tattoo on his back. Now, I like Nixon as much as the next guy, but a tattoo of Nixon on your back? That’s taking devotion a bit too far. Not even Pat Buchanan would consider that.

I do expect that there may be chaos in Cleveland, especially over the possibility of delegate credentials challenges. I know that some potential “stealth” convention delegates are being recruited with an eye to their defecting from Trump on a second ballot, so it may get very weird. But I’ll believe a “Republican riot” when I see it.