The GOP Convention Opportunity

Everyone seems to think that the GOP convention this summer is likely to be a disaster, with the party splitting and at least half the delegates going home unhappy that their man didn’t prevail. Let me suggest that this is a yuuuge opportunity for Republicans to make lemonade out of lemons. As Trump might say, the greatest lemonade ever!

Keep in mind two facts. First, the TV networks have been broadcasting less and less of political conventions for the last several cycles for the obvious reason that they are fully scripted and boring. I don’t think we’ve had gavel-to-gavel coverage even on cable for a long time. Fewer Americans are tuning in. But a genuinely contested convention will draw more media coverage, and perhaps a larger audience. Journalists will certainly be working hard to get scoops and be first to report which delegation has pledged which way on rules fights and other matters. There could be genuine drama. People may actually watch.

Second, convention agendas and speakers are usually determined in advance by the nominee, but as there likely won’t be a nominee before the convention, it presents the GOP with an opportunity to use the extra attention and added air time to present a serious argument and message to Americans by the speakers and events it puts on up at the podium.

My suggestion: Ben Sasse for keynote speaker. Tom Cotton to give a prime time address on national security. And isn’t it about time President George W. Bush returns to a GOP convention podium? As I’ve been saying for a while in a different context, time to Reince and repeat.