The New Republic: The Unserious Bernie Sanders

I suppose I could file this and the previous item under our “Civil War on the Left” series. It’s not just the Washington Post; it’s also The New Republic (which I didn’t know still existed) attacking Bernie for his anti-nuclear power stance:

There’s one issue on which Sanders has been hyperconsistently wrong. One yuuuuge-ly important, planet-saving, tiny little thing. It’s his irrational, evidence-free opposition to nuclear energy.

Sanders—along with much of the left—needs to take another look at this issue. Because with his democratic-socialist, public-sector ethic, Sanders may just be the only candidate who could actually deliver the sort of mass build-out of nuclear power that the world desperately needs if we are to stave off catastrophic climate change. And even if he doesn’t become president, an informed change of heart on nuclear could convince many of his fans to follow suit. . .

Sanders’s waking up to the facts that have persuaded this new generation of environmentalists to embrace nuclear could help make support for the power source—and the vast energy wealth it can bring to humanity—the great left-wing cause it should be.

While I’m encouraged at the number of lefty environmentalists who have publicly changed their mind about nuclear power, I’m not holding my breath for it to catch on with the broader Left to any time soon.

Meanwhile, nice to see that Iron Man has come around to supporting nuclear power, though no surprise when you think about it:


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