The Week in Pictures: Tax Day Edition

April 15 is everyone’s least favorite day of the year—income tax filing day. This year April 15 fell yesterday—Friday—a weekday. But somehow this year the IRS declared Monday, April 18, to be tax filing day, as it always has in the past when April 15 fell on a weekend. What, what? Is Friday now considered a weekend day, too? Is it some kind of Post Office holiday I missed? Or is this just the Obama regime getting a little ahead of turning us into a four-day-work-week social democracy like France? Ah—now I think I get it. Anyway, good to see that Sabo is still on the job:

April 15 Bitches



Snail Economy

Icarus Wage


Hillary Diaper copy

Hillary Ebola Hillary nonsense from Obama

Jeapordy Democrats copy

Bill Clinton Pants Off

Socialist Jokes

Unicorns And Reainbow lasers copy

Young Bernie copy

DNC Costumes copy

Liberal Voting copy

Spingsteen Hy[pocrisy


Victim v Bigot

Safe Space copy

Cruz Delegates copy

Colorado Caucus Trump Horse Lincoln Convention

Trump Shrug Rebuild Death Star Trump_Cruz_Big Brother

Kerry Embarrassing

Viting Dilmmas

Kiss it, and it turns into Jimmy Carter.

Kiss it, and it turns into Jimmy Carter.

Carbon Free Surgar Prog Rock rack Lab testing

Scotch Blunder Hollywood Think Tank


And finally. . .

Hot 738 copy