Venezuela Hits . . . er, Bottom?

As everyone over the age of six knows (that excludes Sanders voters obviously), one of the first things you run out of in a socialist economy that attempts price controls is toilet paper. But with Venezuela’s hyperinflation, you could always swap out the worthless paper currency for the Charmin. Except:

Venezuela Doesn’t Have Enough Money to Pay for Its Money

Venezuela’s epic shortages are nothing new at this point. No diapers or car parts or aspirin — it’s all been well documented. But now the country is at risk of running out of money itself.

In a tale that highlights the chaos of unbridled inflation, Venezuela is scrambling to print new bills fast enough to keep up with the torrid pace of price increases. Most of the cash, like nearly everything else in the oil-exporting country, is imported. And with hard currency reserves sinking to critically low levels, the central bank is doling out payments so slowly to foreign providers that they are foregoing further business.

Venezuela, in other words, is now so broke that it may not have enough money to pay for its money.

Meanwhile, in other news, a rotting whale carcass has washed ashore in southern California. I think it is a metaphor for the Republican establishment in the Age of Trump. My clue? This sentence from the story: “Its enormous tongue was so swollen that it bulged out of its mouth like a giant black balloon.”