Beyond the grassy knoll

Ed Rogers considers a few possible difficulties that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign raises for Hillary Clinton. He characterizes them as Trump’s “advantages.” This “advantage” Rogers himself puts in quotes, suggesting his ambivalence about it:

Another “advantage” Trump has is that nothing is out of bounds for him, there’s no place he won’t go and nothing is too low. Most recently, Trump actually thought a good way to sully Ted Cruz before the Indiana primary would be to push the National Enquirer story that Cruz’s father had some proximity to the JFK assassination. What will he not do? If it hadn’t happened, I would have told you it was impossible for a real candidate to stoop so low.

Rogers doesn’t consider whether Trump’s persistence in such matters is also an advantage (with or without quotes). In the video below, Trump sticks with his rap on Cruz père:

Whether it is an advantage or an “advantage,” I think it is a black mark against him.

Via NR/Corner.


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