Brexit, The Movie

I’ve been meaning to spend some time here talking about the “Brexit” vote coming up in the U.K. next month. It is the single most important political event in postwar Europe. Lots to say about this, but for anyone who doesn’t grasp that the Trump phenomenon is not limited to our shores, note that in Austria today, the election for the mostly ceremonial post of president is in a virtual dead heat between a “right wing” nationalist and a left-wing candidate, with the two long-established moderate parties frozen out of the runoff.

I take all of these shake ups as signs of popular rebellion, at last, against the relentless centralization and elitism of our politics in the advanced democracies today. (And the fact that the “conservative” parties in the U.S. and elsewhere have been so ineffective at opposing this relentless drive toward elitist and unaccountable government.)

This video, over an hour long (but worth it if you have the time), makes the case for voting Yes on Brexit.