Obama still clueless in Iraq

Over the weekend, protesters stormed into Baghdad’s Green Zone, chasing out Iraqi officials. The MSM has portrayed this as a huge blow to the Iraqi government, putting in doubt its prospects for surviving and putting in jeopardy the war against ISIS in Iraq.

I’m not sure how reliable these assessments are. I also question whether the reporting, which treats the protests as mainly a reaction to government corruption, gets at what’s really behind them.

Be that as it may, we should remember that this is the Iraqi government President Obama said we needed as a partner to defeat ISIS. In fact, Obama stood by as ISIS advanced before taking any action because, he insisted, the previous government lacked the faith of Iraqis and therefore couldn’t effectively combat the terrorist caliphate.

Now, it seems, the government Obama pushed for also lacks the faith of Iraqis, and doubts about its ability to fight ISIS persist.

Once again, the Obama administration is shown to be clueless in the realm of foreign policy. Once again, ISIS is the beneficiary.