Coming Attractions

Three-quarters of the Power Line team met in person last night at a disclosed location (John’s kitchen) in Apple Valley, Minnesota, which happens about as often as a Halley’s Comet flyby. (Paul is still in seclusion over in Eastern Europe hoping the whole Trump thing is just some kind of practical joke.) Here you can see the team hard at work in our makeshift newsroom, getting ready to have some incredible, amazing Trump steaks:


After a dinner where we naturally came up with multiple brilliant ideas (though that might have been the really fine red wine talking), we fired up the newsroom again to discover a massive Charter internet outage had taken down most of the midwest. So we did the only sensible thing at that point. We all went to bed.

We actually taped a rogue podcast (and shot some video!), which we hope to have up later today or tomorrow. And now that I’ve finished writing my long suffering book (not half as much long suffering as readers next spring—heh), I’ll get back to producing more custom video content for the site, and special reports for our VIP members.


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