Daily News to Hillary: Drop out

The reality of Hillary Clinton’s serious and repeated lies about Clinton’s use of a private server has even penetrated the precincts of MSNBC. Viewing the segment below, Shaun King opines in the New York Daily News: “Hillary Clinton should quit presidential race as email scandal engulfs her campaign.”

King writes: “From the very beginning of the segment, it was clear that the report issued by inspector general of the State Department on the scandal, and the subsequent excuses issued by the Clinton campaign, had completely taken the wind out of Mika and the team. They were equal parts miffed, exasperated, and disgusted – and sustained these emotions throughout the entire segment.”

King adds: “It must be watched to not only understand the gravity of the situation and the tenor of the conversation, but to witness firsthand how it has crossed over from being a Republican talking point to a very substantive problem for the Democratic Party.”

The video is below, offered for your entertainment pleasure on this holiday weekend. King’s column is worth reading as well. Here it is.