Fracking Nonsense, Debunked

Environmentalists who once praised natural gas as a “bridge fuel” predictably turned against hydraulic fracturing because it made gas cheap, abundant, and profitable—the three cardinal sins of green energy. (The first principle of “green energy” is that it isn’t acceptable unless it requires buckets of taxpayer cash to keep afloat, which thereby limits its abundance over time. And generates lots of the other kind of “green” for Al Gore and such.)

One of the attacks on fracking is that it causes earthquakes. An Oklahoma is one place where the anti-frackers are trying hardest to whip up hysteria. I stumbled across this four-minute video from Stanford University’s department of earth science that debunks this hysteria in remarkably sober tones, concluding that fracking his nothing to do with the wave of Oklahoma earthquakes. It’s something else at work:



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