Guccifer speaks, NBC edition (2)

First NBC News managed to wangle an interview with Guccifer in a Romanian cell. In the course of the interview NBC extracted the “bombshell” (as NBC calls it) that Guccifer hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Had NBC reported it, its “bombshell” would have been a scoop.

Having extracted the “bombshell,” NBC sat on it. It chose to leave it to FOX News to report the story of his hacking of Clinton’s server based on the FNC’s reporters interviews with Guccifer after extradition to the United States. Then it reported under the byline of three reporters that Guccifer had told them about the hacking this prior to his extradition from Romania, over a month ago.

What gives? Chris White notes the anomalies in “Why did NBC News sit on explosive story about Clinton’s alleged hacked email server for weeks?” White reports: “We reached out to NBC News for clarification and a spokesman declined to comment at this time.”

So far as I can tell, neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post has covered the story at all, though the Times site has posted an AP story that mentions it in passing. Let’s try to get a comment from them while we’re at it.