Hillary’s long limp to the nomination continues

It’s amusing to watch Hillary Clinton, whose nomination for president is assured, struggle to eke out occasional victory in Democratic primaries. Tonight, Clinton appears to have eked one out in Kentucky. With nearly all of the votes counted, she leads Bernie Sanders by fewer than 2,000 (out of more than 420,000 cast).

Oregon also held its primary today. Sanders will almost surely win this one. He’s up 53-47 with more than 50 percent of the vote counted.

So the scorecard for today will very likely read 1-1, with Clinton’s victory being incredibly narrow and Sanders’ being fairly decisive.

Objectively, this is another lousy night for the presumptive Democratic nominee, but it will feel like a good one for her. Indeed, Team Clinton is probably ecstatic to have triumphed in Kentucky after losing the previous two contents (in Indiana and West Virginia).

I don’t know whether Clinton’s struggles have any serious implications for the general election. As I say, however, they are amusing to behold.